“Fly Fridays” Featuring Publicist Adonis Spencer.

“Fly Fridays” is here again, and I’m featuring Adonis, a “Geenius” Publicist who works for all the “Fly” clients in the industry. Check it out.


FG: What up Adonis who you got Steelers or the Packers?

Adonis: Packers.

FG: Do you represent anybody on those two teams?

Adonis: No not yet.

FG: Can you tell people exactly what you do?

Adonis: I’m a publicist.

FG: Do you have your own company?

Adonis: Yes. I have my own PR firm, Urban Elegance Media Group.

FG: Can you name a couple of  clients you work with?

Adonis: Pop artist Teyana Taylor, Harlem rapper V.A.D.O., Detroit Piston Ben Gordon, Oklahoma City Thunder Serge Ibaka, and New York Knicks Roger Mason, Jr.

Adonis and Chanel Iman.

FG: So I’m assuming all of your clients gonna have on FG clothing right?

Adonis: Of course they all will be rockin FG clothing.

FG: Where are you originally from?

Adonis: Indianapolis, IN

FG: What made you choose PR?

Adonis: I love being around people and and making sure they get what is out there in the world for them. I’m a people person I think and I love to help build a clients brand.

FG: As a PR “Geenius”, what is a day for you like?

Adonis: Please, not at all lol. No “Geenius” over here!!!!! I just try and do what I have to do.

FG: You were featured on the reality show “House of Glam”, how was the experience of being on the show?

Adonis: “House of Glam” was cool. It’s a good thing I was there to represent my client Teyana Taylor in a good way.

FG: What are your plans for the future?

Adonis: Building my firm to one of the TOP PR firms in the world!

FG: Last words?

Adonis:” Last Word ” Dreams do come TRUE.

Thank you so much FG!

About flygeenius

Fly Geenius is a clothing line that promotes being a trendsetter. FG(Fly Geenius) slogan "Intelligent Fashion" celebrates how dynamic it is to be stylish (Fly) and smart (geenius) without compromising yourself..
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