“Fly Fridays” “Did it on Em” (Throw Back)

SB in his Fly Geenius Tee.

“Fly Fridays” is kicking off with Safaree *SB* Samuels, Nicki Minaj’s hype man and A&R Coordinator of the platinum album Pink Friday. Homie stays with the sick custom tee’s. He’s also a big fan of the Fly Geenius movement.

FG: SB, let’s start this off by asking where you’re from?

SB: I was born in the Bronx and grew up in Brooklyn and I lived there for about 20 some odd years but now I’m in LA!!!

FG: We know you’re Nicki Minaj’s hype man…you bring a ton of energy to the stage. A lot of people want to know how you became a part of her team?

SB: Well I’ve known Nicki forever…well over 10 years and she always rapped and I’ve always been a hyper person so she always said if she ever made it that I would be her hype man! So thats how that ended up happening.

FG: What else do you do in the industry?

SB: I do a lot of producing beat wise. I have a couple partners that I work with that help when it comes to putting beats out there and getting em heard by the right people!!

FG: How would you describe your style?

SB: I would describe my style matched to the tee!!! Literally!! I like custom made tees and I have to have the perfect fitted and perfect kicks to match it!!! I’m a very color coordinated person!! I like colors that stick out! Pause! I like to rock plain tees with designs or letters on em and add a 60k worth of jewels laying on the front of it!!!! When your icey you don’t need to do much extra on the outfit!! This stone is flawless F1!! And I ain’t lying.

FG: Besides Fly Geenius, what are your favorite labels to rock?

SB: I love Koncrete clothing, they based outta STL. I love LV Accessories…I don’t do their clothes tho!!! I just love fitted tees with ill logos or prints on em!! I’m all about rocking a simple color with ignorant jewels laying on a tee and fitted and I’m good!!

FG: How do you go about picking out your outfit/tee for ya show?

SB: Usually I just look for a hat I haven’t worn yet and whatever the colors are I will have a custom tee made up based on that and just rock out hard!!!! Pause.

FG: Your T-shirt swagg is what’s up. Have the custom tees and fitteds always been your signature style?

SB: No. Honestly I just started doing that becuz I wanted to see what I can do that can be fresh and at the same time promote Pink Friday the album which is in stores now!!!! I was tired of wearing the normal name brand that other people in the club might have on and things like that!!

FG: Speaking of Pink Friday, track #3 “Did it on Em” is one of my favorite songs on the album. I noticed your name in the credits, is that you yelling on the hook?

SB: Yea that’s me on the hook of “Did it on Em”…pretty much going off on every ***** headed *** that has ever hated on me or anyone on my team!! No one in particular but if the tee fits wear it haha. I’m pretty much telling people “imma start throwing Just For Me perm at yo head” “imma get the kid one.. yea the kid one.. cuz y’all a bunch of kids”. Bunch of lil nappy headed hoes running around “Justtt for meeee”. You know everything you wanna tell people who irk you or just hating… I start my day with that song, that song is inspiration to me and my lifestyle.. Every day we shi**in on em…ignorance is bliss my friend!! Yea that’s me on the hook yelling in the backround!! Haha

FG: One last question. I saw you in the Nicki Minaj and Will.i.am video “Check it Out” performing some dope break dance type moves. Did you freestyle that or was it choreographed? You killed it.

SB: Hahaha thanks a lot, I appreciate that. That whole thing was off the top.”Pause hospital flow need more gauze” I dance better when I can just be free with it. Choreography limits people’s ability to really do them. I’ve been a dancer my whole life. Street dancing, break dancing, and pop locking which is my specialty. In brooklyn we had this dance called the “bruk up” that we use to do on BCAT TV all day and night haha. That’s what I started dong b4 anything THO!!

FG: Thanks a lot for the “Fly Fridays” interview, any last words?

SB: I just wanted to add I’m coming out with my own line of tees and to keep an eye out for it!!! I wanna thank y’all for taking the time out to acknowledge my sense of style and I love y’all tees. I will definitely be on my Fly Geenius tip!!! Ya hearddd!!!! Follow me on twitter @scaffbeezy and cop the album Pink Friday in stores now!!!!

Shout Outs: The best rapper alive Nicki Minaj, team Minaj, the vakiees in BK, James cruz, my stylist Andreas Tsanas, the whole YM/CMB, intl rex, lucky, crispy cent, gstax, rodeo, 412, Liquanne, Neequa, Martin, Young L.O, DJ Diamond kuts and DJ 4our5ive, Chris John cls fresh, 23rd crew, my jeweler Avianne and co, my lawyer Hector, Chris Millian, Day Day, Terrence, Splut, the whole Brooklyn flatbush, BX, Thank you FLY GEENIUS!! And “VVS” TEES and FITTEDS COMING SOON!!! Belee dat!!

About flygeenius

Fly Geenius is a clothing line that promotes being a trendsetter. FG(Fly Geenius) slogan "Intelligent Fashion" celebrates how dynamic it is to be stylish (Fly) and smart (geenius) without compromising yourself..
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5 Responses to “Fly Fridays” “Did it on Em” (Throw Back)

  1. Beanz says:

    Covering all grounds man. Informative interview. Keep that energy cuz if it stays consistent, you can only go 1 place “ToTheTop”

  2. Jando says:

    FG styling on em!!!!!!Real smooth interview bro, i never knew he was on the hook of “did it on em” until now, lol going in. Keep the exclusive ish coming….pause. The FG wave is def in effect.

  3. NickiRomans says:

    Sbb!!! This was amazing!! We are so proud of you & U are doin the D*mn Thing!!! We Love you!!!! Blessed!

  4. msdiva says:

    Can somebody plz tell Safaree and Nicki that they are not a secret anymore. And we know about the condo they share together out in LA. Yall 2 are so phony. Believe me both of my sources work in the industry so I know this to be true. Both of yall are so fake.

  5. Jazz says:

    Great interview Davon!!! You did a great job!!! Keep up the good work and continue meeting your goals…Flygeenius will be very successful!

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