“Geenius” Mondays- Recruiting Kids To Fly Geenius University..

Davon and Anthony (founder of Save Your Brain, Inc.) were out last week in New Jersey grabbing something to eat after a long day, when two inquisitive kids ran up to them out of nowhere. The kids seemed very creative and had swagg to match, so of course they were recruited to Fly Geenius University and introduced to “Save Your Brain” (All students get BRAIN).. Shouts to Matthew and John.. Peep the footage below…

Davon, Matt and John...

About flygeenius

Fly Geenius is a clothing line that promotes being a trendsetter. FG(Fly Geenius) slogan "Intelligent Fashion" celebrates how dynamic it is to be stylish (Fly) and smart (geenius) without compromising yourself..
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