FG “EPIC” Post-Meet Fly Geenius Intern Zach Viskovich

Fly Geenius has recently welcomed intern Zach Viskovich into the family. He is from Boca Raton, FL and is doing an internship program through NYU. His interests include music, sports, and most importantly fashion. Zach is spreading the Intelligent Fashion movement every day. He will be working at stores such as West, Vault, and Goliath pushing the Fly Geenius product. Zach will continue to update the Fly Geenius social media sites as well as our blog. Stay tuned as Fy Geenius continues our Summer takeover!

About flygeenius

Fly Geenius is a clothing line that promotes being a trendsetter. FG(Fly Geenius) slogan "Intelligent Fashion" celebrates how dynamic it is to be stylish (Fly) and smart (geenius) without compromising yourself..
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